Q: What about the security of our data?

Coretech take the security of your information very seriously. We have taken great strides to ensure that your information is secure and protected.  Our servers and facility comply with industry standards and were designed to maximize performance while maintaining a high level of security.  We offer:

• 24/7 monitoring  via Access Control server space and equipped with CCTV.
•Back-up Generator
•Dual Redundancy Internet service
•Firewall / Intrusion prevention
•Criminal Record Checks for staff
•Regular vulnerability and threat tests
Q: What happens if the Coretech servers go offline or my internet connection is interrupted? Will we have to suspend operations because of server problems?

Coretech is hosted in a secure hosting center with a 99.9% guaranteed Network and is equipped with contingency back-up power generators in case of power failure due to external factors.  Should internet access be limited or not available at your location, Coretech was engineered for both online and off-line capability. Coretech can function with or without Internet connectivity. When operating in the offline mode, Coretech will continue to function and record the coring process and will store the data in a holding queue until an Internet access is resumed. When the system identifies internet capability, Coretech will auto-sync or the user can initiate Manual sync with the central web server.

Q: What is Coretech™?

Coretech™ Coring Management System was specifically designed to streamline your coring and drilling operations.  With its intuitive interface, Coretech is easy to use and navigate allowing even the novice user to quickly learn the program and see the benefits.  Coretech can be linked with the Web portal and Mobile site to provide greater functionality and added value.

Coretech can link the rig manager and rig crew, geologist, core lab, management and oil companies together on a secure data network. The users can add/edit or view data based on their user authentication level.

Q: Who owns the data collected by Coretech Field App?

Simply put, you own your data. The Data is saved in a secure database and if you request your data, we can export your data to CD for your use.

Q: What does Celtic Coring Systems Inc. (Coretech) do with that data?

In keeping with Celtic Coring Systems Inc. (Coretech) Privacy Policy; Your data will be maintained in our database for your storage and use only. This data populates your
Coretech license and can be accessed anytime via the Core Management System or Web Portal for your benchmarking and planning of similar projects.