Celtic Coring Systems Inc. (Coretech) Announces the Launch of New Website

A new Core Management software solutions company specializing in Coring of Oil and Gas and Mining announces the launch of a new website to support the enhancements of Coretech software suite.

Sydney NS –  Celtic Coring Systems Inc. announces the launch of a new website to support its continued growth and better showcase the many enhancements that have been made to its Coretech product suite. For the first time, the various modules that comprise the Coretech product suite can be reviewed in detail, so that Oilfield Service companies will be able to learn how they could enhance their field operations to be more efficient and meet their unique needs.

Celtic Coring Systems Inc., Coretech is a cloud-based mobile field application designed specifically to meet the needs of Coring companies to bring a new standardized approach to their operations. Coretech was designed by coring professionals for coring professionals in order to increase usability and, therefore, make the implementation faster and more successful.

The new website design allows for greater ease of navigation and access to more detailed product information on how Coretech can improve your operations. For more information, please visit