About Coretech

Celtic Coring Systems Inc., the developers of Coretech, was founded in 2011 by a small group based out of Calgary Alberta and Sydney, Nova Scotia.  We developed Coretech to meet the growing demand of the Coring workers which identified a huge gap in service. We were constantly hearing “wouldn’t it be great if we had a system that could do this…or do that…  This was the birth of Coretech.

Our team of coring consultants were aware of the difficulties of completing manual reports, duplicating and transferring project data, which wasted valuable company time and resources increased the opportunity for human error and were adamant on changing this.   We researched the industry, collaborated with Industry Stakeholders and developed a suite of products to assist the drilling and coring companies with their projects.

Celtic Coring Systems Inc. (Coretech) strategic focus is on the development of unique and cost effective solutions to meet the needs of the Coring industry and increase the overall effectiveness of their operations.  We developed Coretech as an innovative and intuitive system which has great potential to increase the consistency and accountability to any project. We have included specific key features and benefits of Coretech, which will help us in becoming the Standard in Coring!