The Development Team


Darren Hanson – President and CEO
+1(780) 531-1230

Darren has been employed in the oil and gas industry in various capacities in the past 7 years. During this time, he has moved up the ranks doing jobs such as Lease hand, Roughneck, Deckhand, Driller, Core Handler and most recently as a Coring Professional. Darren has been a lifelong entrepreneur and brings that vision to the company in terms of long term planning, concept development and priority setting.

Donald Hanson – VP, and Director of Operations
+1(902) 565-4177

Donald has graduated with a (BBA) with a concentration in Marketing and Management, Cert. in Management and and has been involved with business development for the past sixteen (10 years). He also has a long history of project management, business development. His role as a business partner will be to bring the vision of Coretech to fruition and maintain a strategic focus.

Shane Hanson – Director of Field Operations
+1(403) 462-4000

Shane brings a vast knowledge and expertise to the company with over 12 years’ experience with some of the major companies such as Suncor, Nexon, Shell and Baker Hughes. He has worked his way through the system and knows exactly what these companies need and when. Shane’s focus shall be with field operations and logistics.