With Implementation of Coretech, you will begin to see the benefits immediately. Our products, which were built from the rig floor up, are designed to complement your daily operations and increase your overall efficiency. Coretech has the ability to reduce your operational costs by reducing time and labour costs with automated labels and reporting, minimal travel required from office to the field due to the Web Portal and Cortech Mobile access and expediting your cashflow with electronic invoicing.

Other Coretech benefits:

  • Intuitive, logical and easy to use interface
  • Provides visual advantage to stakeholders via Web Portal and Mobile access
  • Ability to Benchmark with well history. Allows users to view previous well sites with similar formations.
  • Increased Accountability – user login provides ability to identify the driller on shift, monitor and record KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Paperless Operations – Electronic Field Ticket process, Tour Sheets and Project Reporting.
  • Professional Core Labeling decreases probability of human error by 99%
  • Cost efficient – increased automation in core labeling decreases time, wages, and overhead substantially