Core Labeling

Automated Core labeling will help to minimize human error and prints a standardized format preferred by most Core Labs.

Coretech Core Labels are becoming one the biggest game changers for the coring industry. One of the most important components of your project is to ensure consistency and accuracy in how your labels are managed.

Currently, many workers are transposing data from the excel sheet, handwriting the labels and affixing it to the core sample which allows for great potential for human error. Did the correct data get transferred to the label? Can you read them? Are the labels getting ruined by the elements? These are all questions you’ll no longer have to answer with Coretech.

Coretech will auto-generate a self-adhesive thermal label which contains all the required core data in a standardized format which is preferred by most core labs. This process provides accurate and consistent data while saving you time and money.

Coretech Core Labels are becoming the new standard in Coring!