Inventory Management

Companies lose thousands of dollars in tools each year. Whether it is through loss, damage or theft, Coretech inventory will allow the companies to catalog their inventory items, transfer tools to various jobsites, report damaged items, and accept or reject transferred item based on condition.

This online system allows for the effective traceability of tools from jobsite to jobsite and creates accountability on the individuals who are accessing these items. Each item can be managed through the products useful life for use, location, for scheduling of requirements maintenance and retirement.


  • Create multiple warehouses for inventory management
  • Manager can transfer, accept, and check in any equipment, device or consumable
  • Record all necessary product information such as name, serial number, manufacturer, equipment status, item count, due back date and more…
  • Run filters and queries on equipment, employees, warehouse, etc.
  • Plan equipment repair schedule for regular maintenance.
  • Identify trends of equipment use, transfers and lost/damaged items.


  • Reduce time and cost by quickly search for items by warehouse and request immediate transfer without leaving the office.
  • Increased accountability by tracing equipment between warehouses, employees and external repair sites.
  • Maintain inventory balance with equipment and consumables.
  • Accurate maintenance schedule enhances rig safety
  • Ability to plan activities based on available resources

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