Web Portal

The Web Portal allows direct access to our secure data network from your smartphone or tablet to view the current project details in near real time. This instant mobile access provides the executive, manager or oil companies the ability to monitor the progress on the go and make confident decisions without having to go to the field.

Coretech Web Portal and Mobile provide companies with a “Visual Advantage” to their field operations. 


  • Coretech Dashboard for quick access to near Real Time* project information – Project Status, ROP, Total Cut/Recovery, estimate Field Ticket Amount.
  • View and edit memos and events logs
  • Map integration displays your project coordinates, township, region, and country information. (web portal only)
  • Display current and historical data for each project
  • Added value dashboard and reports for detailed analysis

* Internet access required


  • Access to information from anywhere, anytime.
  • User management allows you to provide targeted project data to specific stakeholders such as Operators, Geologists, Laboratories, etc.
  • Customizable – upload to your logo to brand your labels and reports
  • Save you time and money by having quick access to the information.
  • Set up projects from the office via web portal and save start up time
  • Ability to access reports and data to create benchmarks and other KPIs


  • Coretech Field Application

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